NH Teachers Honored

NH Teachers Honored

Since the campaign began this fall more than 100 teachers have been chosen to receive a 2021 Minted Christa McAuliffe coin.  

The following teachers have been recognized by a sponsor in the Honoring New Hampshire Teachers Campaign presented by Service Credit Union. 

More awardee names will be added after the spring awards season.

 Learn how you can honor a teacher who has made a difference in your life. 

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There are currently 60 names in this directory
Alissa Demian, Elm Street Middle School

Alyssa Wonkka, Stewartstown Community School

Andrew Tyler, Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative

Anna Barry, Henry Wilson Elementary School

Athanasia Robinson, Manchester School of Technology

Bea Douglas, Chichester Central School

Becky Mayhew, SEE Science Center

Beth Dooly, Memorial High School

Carly Cohen, Auburn Village School

Caroline Chase, Elm Street Middle School

Cathy Goodman, James Mastricola Upper Elementary

Charlene Kurtz, McDonough Elementary School

Dan McNally, Manchester School of Technology

Daniel Cassidy, Manchester School of Technology

David Coulon, Highland Goffe's Falls

David Elliot, McLaughlin Middle School

David Fischer, Pinkerton Academy

Ellen Smith-Tourigny, Manchester Central High School

Ellen Wright, Hooksett Memorial School

Emma Bourgoin, Fairgrounds Middle School

Glenna Lydick, SEE Science Center

Heather Hatada-Boyd, Newmarket Recreation Department

Heather Rogers, Southside Middle School

Jade Potts, Jewett Street Elementary

Jennifer Landry, Maplewood Elementary

Jill Bradley, Memorial High School

Jillian Record, Parkside Middle School

Joan Hopf, Bow Memoral School

John Thomas, Wells Memorial School

Joyce Miller, Hillside Middle School

Katherine Peters, Fuller Elementary

Keith Desjardin, Pinkerton Academy

Kerstin Dumas, Highland-Goffe’s Falls

Kevin Moyer, Windham Middle School

Kim Dittbenner, Southside Middle School

Lauren Morrocco, Center Woods Elementary School

Mallory Willette, Gossler Park School

Mary Hartigan Demers, Hillside Middle School

Mary Larkin Quinn, Webster Elementary

Melissa Moyer, Hollis Brookline Middle School

Melissa Chase, Highland-Goffe's Falls School

Michelle Lincoln, Manchester Memorial High School

Mo Maurier, Trinity High School

Nancy Fothergill, Windham Center School

Natalie Sears, Central High School

Pamela Lujiri, Manchester Central High School

Pamela Walter, Smyth Road School

Patti McGilvary, Weston Elementary

Rebecca Scherbon, Seabrook Middle School

Richella Simard, Manchester High School West

Robin Eber Mechin, McLaughlin Middle School

Sarah Caouette, Pennichuck Middle School

Sarah Babcock, Parker-Varney School

Sarah Hill, Canaan Elementary School

Shawna Morley, Green Acres

Sherry Tellier, Highland-Goffe's Falls School

Steve Capraro, Hollis Brookline Middle School

Tim Dukshire, SEE Science Center

Trisha Korkosz, Memorial High School

Victoria Boothroyd, Wilkins Elementary, Amherst