Early Learners

Early Learning is so important and so fun!  SEE offers special programs geared just to the youngest scientists in our community.  Find upcoming opportunities listed below.

Storytime Science

Free Storytime Science

Free Storytime Science

We are pleased to announce that thanks to generous support we are able to offer Storytime Science without additional cost above admission, two days a week from January through March of 2023.  We are asking attendees to pre-register.  Attend Tuesday or Wednesday at 2:30pm.  Beginning in April, Storytime will be…

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“Calvin looks forward to Storytime Science every week! He loves
telling Dad and big sister all about what he read and learned and
frequently recreates the activities at home.  His older sister had been
in the door two seconds before Calvin whipped out his spare materials
wanting to “teach you my science!” He also retold the story. I’m
surprised how much he remembered.  It’s amazing and explore time
afterwards is just another bonus! 😄 “

– Halyey Whittum (parent)


If you are a pre-school or kindergarten teacher looking for an early learner group program, click here.