Our Mission

To engage our community in the joyful, active exploration of science and innovation.

Our Vision

A community where science discovery leads to a lifelong passion for curiosity, exploration, and innovation.

Our Values

Playful Discovery
We believe in the power of play to nurture scientific curiosity and positive development in children, families and our community through exploring the wonder of science.

We create a welcoming and accessible space where we cultivate a commitment to equity, value diversity, and treat all people with dignity and respect.

Trusted Steward
We are committed to providing a safe place for children, families and all who interact with SEE. We will ethically steward donor investments and respect donor intent and confidentiality. We will always be grounded in the facts of science.

Strategic Goals 2021 – 2026

Deepen Community Engagement
  • Build through inclusivity & accessibility
  • Become a go-to partner
  • Create a culture of stewardship
Create Excitement for Science Exploraton & Innovation
  • Broaden reach of programming
  • Create welcoming experiences for all ages & abilities
  • Create dynamic exhibit experieces
Expand SEE's Sustainable Practices & Responsiveness
  • Increase engagement & awareness
  • Invest in data for strategic decisions
  • Grow staff, board & volunteer breadth & depth

Deepen Community Engagement

Build SEE’s community of participants through inclusivity and accessibility.

  • Continue to develop funding sources to remove cost as a barrier through our Inclusion Initiative.
  • Develop opportunities that create a pathway to membership.
  • Build a sense of community and belonging among our members.

Become a community resource and go-to partner for businesses, schools and other non-profits.

  • Grow SEE’s corporate donor base through non-event opportunities for engagement.
  • Develop collaborations that expand our reach.
  • Partner with fellow non-profits and Title I schools to bring science to underserved communities.

Create a culture of curiosity, exploration, stewardship, and giving.

  • Build strategies among staff and Board for the full donor engagement cycle (cultivation, giving, stewardship).
  • Engage community influencers to expand networks of support.
  • Concentrate on building long-term relationships with donors.

Create Excitement for Science, Exploration & Innovation

Broaden the reach of our programs to our targeted audiences (2-14 years old).

  • Expand Early Learners program to build a science onramp for our youngest visitors.
  • Build programs for middle school learners to expand our reach and relevancy in schools.
  • Offer thematic programming experiences to engage audiences during non-peak times.

Create consistently welcoming and engaging experiences for our visitors of all ages and abilities.

  • Enhance visitor services to create a more welcoming space.
  • Replace, renew and refresh existing exhibits.

Bring science to life through dynamic exhibit experiences.

  • Invest in adapting exhibits to grow as our visitors grow, utilizing signage, educational supports and increased open-ended, self-guided experiences.
  • Increase interactivity with volunteer experts for visitor engagement opportunities.
  • Re-envision our iconic LEGO® Millyard Project exhibit with stronger science connections and hands-on interaction.

Expand SEE’s Sustainable Practices & Responsiveness

Reinforce our value proposition to increase engagement and awareness of unique offerings.

  • Strengthen our communication and brand through targeted, relevant messaging.
  • Develop partnerships to position SEE as a day-trip destination.
  • Build relevant connections with new and existing supporters through our mission and programs.

Invest in innovative data tools to inform strategic decisions.

  • Collect actionable data both internally and externally.
  • Improve technological efficiencies.
  • Enhance financial infrastructure and reporting capabilities.

Grow staff, Board and volunteer breadth and depth.

  • Develop SEE’s volunteer program for visitor support and ambassadorship.
  • Invest in professional development for the staff and Board.
  • Grow capacity in visitor services, program delivery, exhibits, and development to execute the plan.
  • Expand Board capacity with influencers and individuals with access to diverse networks.

Dear Friends

SEE is excited to bring a passion for lifelong learning and the joy of scientific discovery to our community.

Our organization believes in the power of play and exploration to inspire the next generation of innovators. We can accomplish this by understanding where we are today, and planning for the future, which is embodied in this document: SEE Science Center 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

We would like to thank the community members who provided feedback throughout this planning process including our non-profit partners, technology innovators, business leaders, donors, teachers, members, visitors, staff, Board, and museum colleagues. A special thanks also goes out to our devoted strategic planning committee who guided and shaped this thoughtful seven-month planning process.

It is in this spirit of collaboration and community that SEE is proud to present this forward looking plan which will help the organization thrive, grow and remain responsive over the next three years. We invite you to join us as we continue to strive to be a community leader in science education, accessible to all.


Shana Hawrylchak
Executive Director

Jeff Benson
Board Chair

Strategic Planning committee

Nick Brattan (Community)
New England Document Systems

Paulette Faggiano (Community)

Kim Wierman (Community)

Jeff Benson, Chair (SEE Board)
Bellwether Community Credit Union

Andrea Campbell, M.Ed. (SEE Board)
Southern NH University

Victoria Marchand (SEE Board)

Pete Gustafson (SEE Staff)
Deputy Director

Shana Hawrylchak (SEE Staff)
SEE Executive Director

Becky Mayhew (SEE Staff)
Visitor Experiences Director