NH Teachers Honored

NH Teachers Honored

Just like the 2021 -2022 school year, our campaign to honor New Hampshire Teachers with a 2021 minted Christa McAuliffe coin is drawing to a close.  Thank you to everyone who honored a teacher who has made a difference and congratulations to the 111 teachers honored through this initiative.

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There are currently 16 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
Jacqueline Coe, SAU 24

Jade Potts, Jewett Street Elementary

Jennifer Landry, Maplewood Elementary

Jennifer Howard, Hampstead Middle School

Jennifer MacLeod, Hollis Brookline Middle School

Jennifer Scott, Ellis School

Jessica Bouchard, Milford High School

Jessica Wilson, Chichester Central School

Jill Bradley, Memorial High School

Jillian Record, Parkside Middle School

Joan Hopf, Bow Memoral School

John MacArthur, Alton Central School

John Thomas, Wells Memorial School

Jordyne Clough, Idlehurst Elementary School

Joyce Miller, Hillside Middle School

Julie Verde, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School