Science Summer Camps

Campers love our fun, hands-on activities! Our educators and partners apply their experience in science engagement to fill each of our camps with hands-on activities from start to finish. Educators use proven techniques to encourage kids to build their skills and confidence, apply their creativity, and have fun during all of our activities.

“When she came home yesterday [first day of camp] she was so excited and already asked if she could go back next year!”  – 2020 SEE Camp Parent

2023 Summer Camps

In the Summer of 2023 SEE offered Six different camp experiences, and 10 different camp sessions over five weeks. Look for Summer Camp registration for 2024 to open in February. Sign up for SEE email at the bottom of this page and choose “for parents” to receive notifications.

Image showing the 6 different summer camps offered in 2023, Summer Science, Invention Challenge, Animation with LEGO, iSpy, Flip the Script, Sea Pearch.