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For Educators

For Educators

For Educators2024-01-26T13:58:09-05:00

At the SEE Science Center groups receive personalized attention and can engage in the joyful active exploration of science and innovation through fun, hands-on experiences.

A group of students engage in a static electricity demonstration.

What we offer

  • Field trips & outreach programs that connect with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • Hands-on engagement for every student.
  • Ability to accommodate groups of all ages and sizes.
  • More than 35 years of experience with guided field trips.

Explore our program options then call us at 603-669-0400 and we will help you plan and schedule an amazing field trip for your students.

Getting Started

About Field Trips2023-10-30T14:03:01-04:00

Group field trips to the SEE Science Center consist of at least one guided program followed by exploration time in the Science Center. SEE offers programming for grades preK-8. All curriculum is designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards. During your scheduling phone call we can help you choose programs to fit your students.

SEE field trip programs are offered individually or in combination

  • Single programs are scheduled for 1 ½ hours – $12 per student.
  • Combination of two programs is scheduled for 2 ½ hours – $15 per student.
  • Combination of three programs is scheduled for 3 ½ hours – $18 per student.
  • Combination of four programs is scheduled for 4½ hours – $21 per student.


The price of the field trip includes one free chaperone for every 4 students.  We require a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 5 students and allow a maximum of  1 chaperone for every 4 students.  Additional adults above this maximum (not including one on one aides) will be treated as general admissions guests and will not be permitted in classroom spaces, or be allowed in the Science Center before general admission hours.  Teachers are counted as chaperones, all one-on-one aids are admitted free of charge.
Outreach and Virtual Options2023-07-20T14:21:54-04:00


SEE has several program options that we can bring to your school.  For each of them a SEE educator will come to your location to  guide your students through a hands-on activity.  All materials will be provided.  Outreach program locations are restricted to a 30 mile radius of SEE Science Center.  Program costs vary depending on which outreach program you choose.


SEE  has several programs  that they can bring into classrooms virtually.  Options include hands-on activities, with materials sent for students to use, or demonstrations with no materials required.  There are no geographic restrictions for virtual programs.  Shipping costs for materials  will be added to the cost of the program if applicable.

Once you have booked,you will need to send the SEE education team the invite link for your school’s preferred teleconferencing platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc.).  If the program uses materials you will need to distribute the kits to each student, then admit our educator to the platform at the scheduled time. SEE will take care of the rest.

Each Virtual kit Program can stand alone as its own learning experience. There is no prep work to do for or with your students. Our educators are trained to assess the students prior knowledge on the topic.

Scheduling Info2023-06-03T14:19:29-04:00


All programs in any format must be scheduled by phone with a SEE educator. Please call 603-669-0400 to book your field trip.  If your group will be eating lunch at SEE, please make arrangements to do so during scheduling.


After scheduling your field trip with us by phone, you will receive a confirmation by email to share with all of your colleagues.


In the event of snow day or other emergency school closing, please call us at your earliest convenience to arrange a new date for your visit.

Preparing to Visit2023-10-30T14:06:59-04:00

If you book multiple programs, please have your group divided into the number of groups specified in the confirmation prior to arrival at SEE.


The arrival time on your confirmation is the time which we would like all students to be inside SEE Science Center and ready to begin your program(s). Please allow time to unload the bus and walk up the stairs. Our main entrance is on the fourth floor. Buses should drop off students in the Bedford Street parking lot in front of the second floor (ground floor) entrance. Click here for directions. Teachers, chaperones and students should unload the bus and enter the building together. Please use the staircase in the glass tower (the historic wooden staircase is preserved but should only be used in emergencies). The elevator in the interior lobby is available for visitors with crutches, wheelchairs or strollers.  If you group is eating lunch at SEE, please have students and chaperones, bring in all lunch bags at arrival.


All groups will be informed of the following rules upon arrival. You also may want to make your group aware of them before your visit.

  • No Running.
  • No Touching the LEGO® Millyard Project.


During guided programs, we encourage chaperones to allow students to try the activities and lend help only when necessary.  During free explore time, we ask that chaperones stay with their group of students, help our staff to enforce the above rules as well, and engage with their students.

The Electrostatic Generator demonstration is a part of almost every tour. If you have a student or chaperone with a pace-maker, please inform our staff upon arrival. Visitors who are pregnant are also asked not to participate.

Gift Shop

SEE has a small, prominently-located gift shop with science related items for sale, including many items that are $5 or less. Sodas and water are available for purchase in machines in the Science Center. Snacks are also available for purchase at the gift shop. We understand that some groups do and others do not wish to visit our gift shop. Prior to your arrival, please inform your chaperones and students whether your group will or will not be visiting the gift shop and whether they will be permitted to purchase food or drink items.

Low-Income School Inclusion Program2023-08-09T06:39:48-04:00

This program provides field trips for Title 1 school students within a 30 mile radius of SEE without any cost to their family, PTO, school or district.  If you are a teacher or administrator from a Title 1 school and would like to be considered for this program please contact us at info@see-sciencecenter.org.  If you are an individual or business interested in supporting this initiative, learn more here.

Field Trip Program Options at SEE

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