Ghostly Heart
On-Site Outreach

Ghostly Heart

Grades 5 – 8: Students discuss and consider the world of organ donation through hands-on lab activities.


This program is offered through an exciting partnership with ARMI (Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute) established in Manchester to create an industry to produce replacement organs.  Participants in this program look at the world of organ donation.  They will discuss the current system and look at how Biomedical scientists, engineers and manufacturers are working towards future solutions.


  • This program is available to students in grades 5 – 8.
  • This program is available by appointment only.
Field Trip
$12 per student
  • One hour program with SEE instructor followed by half an hour of explore time in the SEE Science Center.
  • Min 15, Max 32 students.
  • Safety protocols and procedures are in place, and SEE is operating at a limited capacity.
  • Larger groups may want to consider combining their visit with a second program. Call us to discuss options.
$10 per student
  • SEE instructor comes to your location for a one hour program. Student materials will be provided for each student to use during the program.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Additional charge of $0.55 per mile.
  • Limited to a 30 mile radius of the SEE Science Center.


Participants are introduced to cutting edge science happening right here in New Hampshire at ARMI.  They are introduced to bio-engineering and the decellurization and recellurization processes.


This program may have personal connections for students who, or students with family members who have had a transplant.