LEGO® Millyard Program
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LEGO® Millyard Program

Through a mystery model build, scavenger hunt and discussion, participants are encouraged to think about resource use and management historically and today.


Students build a mystery model using instructions.  The models they build can be found in the SEE Science Center’s acclaimed LEGO® Millyard Project. Students work together to find their models and discover important thought provoking elements of the project during a digital scavenger hunt.  Participants discuss what they built and found together as a group.  In this program each student is supplied a kit used to build a LEGO®model; pairs of students share an Android tablet to use during the program.


During the program participants consider and discuss resource use and management.  They are introduced to  local connections to the industrial revolution (NGSS ESS3.A).   Discussions include renewable and non-renewable resources and the impacts of resource use on humans and the environment (NGSS ESS3.C). Participants are encouraged to make connections to their own life experiences and compare manufacturing past and present.

Learn more about the exhibit: LEGO® Millyard Project


  • This program is available to visitors in fourth grade and up.
  • There is a minimum of 15 students or a $150 charge.
  • There is a maximum of 35 students per session.
  • A single program is scheduled for 1.5 hours (approximately one hour in the program and a half hour to explore the center).
  • Larger groups may want to consider a combo program.
  • The program is $10 per student, with one adult free with every 3 students.
  • This program is available by appointment only.