Combustion & Chemical Reactions Outreach Program

Categories: Outreach

A traveling demonstration program that explores basic scientific principles using exciting interactive demonstrations.


This program includes a variety of demonstrations which may include Combustion, Chemical Reactions, Observations, Polymers, Problem Solving, Optical Illusions, and recycling… some which go off with a bang!


The presenter uses the demonstrations to introduce the students to NGSS cross cutting concepts.  Concepts include: cause and effect, energy and matter, structure and function, stability and change and the interdependence and influence of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in our world.  Participants are introduced to the engineering process and can practice designing a solution to a problem.


Each program is tailored to the audience to whom it will be presented.  Specific topic needs can be discussed with the presenter upon scheduling.

Several of our other programs can be adapted for off-site locations as well.


  • This program is available to visitors in grades one and up
  • Best for groups of 100 or less.  (participation increases with smaller groups)
  • The SEEMobile  is a one hour program
  • Cost for each 45 minute presentation is $250
  • Plus a travel charge of $0.55 per mile roundtrip