Chromatography butterflies
Early Learners

Chromatography butterflies

For Pre-K & K ages 3-6: Students will listen to a story and will make their own colorful butterflies using chromatography.


This program features the book 10 Magical Butterflies by:
Danica Mckeller.  After the story, students will receive an introductory
lesson on separating and identifying mixtures that make up colors. They
will be encouraged to try different designs and colors to get different
results. This activity always creates excitement and smiles.


  • This program is available for Pre-K ages 3-5
  • This program is available by appointment only
Field Trip
$12 per student
  • One hour program with SEE instructor followed by half an hour of explore time in the SEE Science Center.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Safety protocols and procedures are in place, and SEE is operating at a limited capacity.
$10 per student
  • SEE instructor comes to your location for a one hour program. Student materials will be provided for each student to use during the program.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Additional charge of $0.55 per mile.
  • Limited to a 30 mile radius of the SEE Science Center. Red zone exclusions may apply.


Students will use these 21st Century skills
Communication skills
Problem solving
Thinking skills