Guided Tour

Guided Tour

A Guided tour with a SEE educator provides an opportunity for visitors to engage more deeply with SEE’s exhibit experiences and with each other.


A tour experience includes guided group experience geared to the age of the group.  These exhibits and topics are frequently included on a tour: the Van de Graaff Static Electricity Generator, the Harmonograph drawing machine( inviting learners to think about Newton’s laws of motion), simple machines, sound, bubbles, and  air pressure.  The tour concludes with time for the students to explore the museum freely with their chaperones.


Our educators encourage tour participants to think about their everyday experiences from a scientific viewpoint, to ask questions, make observations and to construct explanations.  These engagements introduce NGSS Science practices and physical science content by wrapping it up in fun hands-on engagement.


If you have particular content area needs for your students, please call us to discuss options for customizing your tour experience.

The Moonwalk (a simulation of our moon’s gravity for visitors weighing 70 pounds or less) is offered to younger groups. If you have a group of 45 or more students who are moonwalk eligible, you have the option to have a shortened tour in order for them each to have a turn or you can have a full-length tour that does not include the moonwalk.  If you prefer not to include this demonstration on your tour please inform you tour guide upon arrival.


  • This program is available to visitors ages 4 to adult.
  • There is a minimum of 15 students or a $135 charge.
  • A tour is scheduled for 1.5 hours
  • Larger groups may want to consider a combo program.
  • The program is $9 per student, with one adult free with every 3 students.
  • This program is available by appointment only.
  • For additional information or to schedule a group, please call (603) 669-0400