Slimy Lab
On-Site Outreach Virtual with Hands-on Kits

Slimy Lab

 Grades 1-4: Students engage in an introductory chemistry experience and make silly putty.


Students get their hands deep into science when they combine two
liquid substances and create their own silly putty. Participants are
encouraged to get a little messy and to think about the different ways
they can work to change the substances.  There are always lots of smiles
and giggles during this experience.


  • This program is available for students in grades 1 – 4.
  • This program is available by appointment only.
Field Trip
$12 per student
  • One hour program with SEE instructor in the Chemistry lab followed by half an hour of explore time in the SEE Science Center.
  • Min 15, Max 32 students.
  • Safety protocols and procedures are in place, and SEE is operating at a limited capacity.
  • Larger groups may want to consider combining their visit with a second program. Call us to discuss options.
$10 per student
  • SEE instructor comes to your location for a one hour program. One time use materials will be provided for each student to use.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Additional charge of $0.55 per mile
  • Limited to a 30 mile radius of the SEE Science.
Virtual Kit Program
$8 per student
  • A SEE instructor will join your group via video conferencing. One time use kits will be sent for each student in advance.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Additional delivery charge or postage charge will be applied for kit delivery.
  • No location restrictions.


Learners make estimates, measure and pour ingredients and observe
and consider the structure and properties of matter.  They plan and
carry out the steps necessary to experience a chemical reaction in their
own hands.  (NGSS PS1A  and PS1B)

Notes :

In this program students are encouraged to conduct the experiments for themselves with limited assistance from chaperones.

This program is frequently combined our tour program during a SEE field trip visit.

If you have less than 15 students, you can pay the equivalent minimum charge for the program.