Introduction to Density
Early Learners

Introduction to Density

Grade K ages 4-6:  Students will be introduced to density and
what makes an object sink or float (or flink, which is neither float or


Students will test out different objects to see what will
sink or float. We will also use raisins and carbonated soda to create a reaction that allows the raisins to sink then float and then sink again. This will be followed by an egg experiment using salt that will allow the egg to neither sink nor float.


  • Program is available for Garde K ages 4-6
  • This program is available by appointment only
Field Trip
$12 per student
  • One hour program with SEE instructor followed by half an hour of explore time in the SEE Science Center.
  • Min 15, Max 35 students.
  • Safety protocols and procedures are in place, and SEE is operating at a limited capacity.


Learners make estimates, measure and pour ingredients and observe and consider the structure and properties of matter.  They plan and carry out the steps necessary to experience and observe density.  (NGSS PS1-1 and PS1-2)