Field Trip Info

On-Site Field Trip Information for Educators

Things to note when bringing your group for a scheduled field trip at the SEE Science Center.


After scheduling your field trip with us by phone, you will receive a confirmation by email to share with all of your colleagues.

If your group is doing multiple programs, please have your group
divided into the number of groups specified in the confirmation prior to arrival at SEE.


  • All visitors above the age of two will be required to wear a mask throughout the course of their visit.*
  • The following exhibits are not be available: Bernoulli Blower; Soap Bubble Station. All other exhibits will remain open.
  • Elevator usage will be limited and reserved for those in need.

You can read our full policy & procedures here.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on our safety guidelines and policies
603-669-0400 or

*Exceptions will be made for any individual who is physically unable to wear a mask in accordance with ADA.


The arrival time on your confirmation is the time which we would like all students to be inside SEE Science Center and ready to begin your program(s). Please allow time to unload the bus and walk up the stairs. Our main entrance is on the fourth floor. Buses should drop off students in the Bedford Street parking lot in front of the second floor (ground floor) entrance. Click here for directions. Teachers, chaperones and students should unload the bus and enter the building together. Please use the staircase in the glass tower (the historic wooden staircase is preserved but should only be used in emergencies). The elevator in the interior lobby is available for visitors with crutches, wheelchairs or strollers.


All groups will be informed of the following rules upon arrival. You also may want to make your group aware of them before your visit.

  • No Running.
  • No Touching the LEGO® Millyard Project or the Coral Reef Fish Tank.
  • Several exhibits on the floor must be used with a SEE Staff person. These exhibits are clearly marked and will likely be demonstrated during your visit.

Chaperones: We ask that chaperones help our staff to enforce the above rules as well as engage with the students during explore time. During guided programs, we encourage chaperones to allow students to try the activities and lend help only when necessary.

The Moonwalk Exhibit is included in many of our guided tour programs. For safety reasons, please be aware that the exhibit is limited to students weighing 70 pounds or less.  If you would prefer not to have this exhibit demonstrated as part of your tour, please let SEE staff know prior to your visit.

The Electrostatic Generator demonstration is a part of almost every tour. If you have a student or chaperone with a pace-maker, please inform our staff upon arrival. Visitors who are pregnant are also asked not to participate.

Lunch Room

During the pandemic, the separate lunch room is not available.  Please discuss options for lunch with us by phone.

Gift Shop

SEE has a small, prominently-located gift shop with science related items for sale, including many items that are $5 or less. Sodas, juice and water are available for purchase in machines in the Science Center. Snacks are also available for purchase at the gift shop. We understand that some groups do and others do not wish to visit our gift shop. Prior to your arrival, please inform your chaperones and students whether your group will or will not be visiting the gift shop and whether they will be permitted to purchase food or drink items.

Snow Days

In the event of snow day or other emergency school closing, please call us at your earliest convenience to arrange a new date for your visit.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your field trip, please call SEE Science Center at 603-669-0400.