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Three different lab programs are offered. Each lab activity, although self-directed, features a related demonstration performed by a SEE staff member, provides suggested discussion to introduce and wrap-up the experiment, step-by-step instructions for the students, all lab equipment and materials needed.

Slimy Science (for grades 1 - 5)

Students will get their hands deep into science when they combine two liquid substances and create their own batch of silly putty to take home. Need we say more!

Polymers & Slime (for grades 3 - 5)

Students will be introduced to the world of polymers and discover their versatility and abundance in our everyday lives. They will create their own "polymer" when they make their own batch of slime to take home.

Chemical Reactions (for grades 6 and up):

Chemical Reactions features four different hands-on experiments to be done by the students. The experiments and demonstrations will allow students to discover and recognize chemical reactions and how they are a part of our everyday lives. Experiments may include Hot and Cold, where the students create endothermic and exothermic reactions, and See The Light, which has students creating a chemical reaction that, produces light.


  • There is a minimum of 15 students and a maximum of 32 students for these programs.
  • Larger groups may want to consider a combo program.
  • Each program is $9 per student, with one adult free with every 3 students.
  • These programs are available by appointment only.
For additional information or to schedule a group, please call (603)669-0400.

Click here for important things to note about bringing a group to SEE for a program(s).

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