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Can’t visit today but are ready for science discovery? Check out our videos, online exhibits and activity ideas.

  • woman seated with stuffed dinosaur and book
    Dinosaurs part 1

    In this video Adele introduces the SEE [...]

  • Jack Kamen Portraits

    The SEE Science Center is pleased to [...]

  • Try SEE’s Gravity Expedition Video Game

    Experience gravity on the moon or other planets [...]

  • Creating clean drinking water

    Becky & Adele team up to bring you [...]

  • Chemistry & Corals

    Discover what a chemical reaction you can [...]

  • Woman in kitchen with bottle and balloon
    Inflating with Chemistry

    In this video Becky shows you how [...]

  • Woman and girl sit infront of materials.
    Egg drop Challenge

    Glenna demonstrates how your family can create [...]

  • Woman with book with dinosaur model
    What can paleontologists learn from studying fossils?

    In this video Adele (& Fred the [...]

  • woman reading book with dinosaur model
    Who lived with the dinosaurs & did they go extinct too?

    In this segment, Fred (the Stegosaurus) and [...]

  • Sun & Atmosphere

    The theme for the 50th Anniversary of Earth [...]

  • Understanding Earth’s History

    How do scientists study the past climates [...]

  • Woman holding book with dinosaur
    Dinosaurs: who, where & when

    In this video Adele reads a section [...]

  • Man on chair pulling himself up toward ceiling.

    In this video Pete introduces you to [...]

  • rockets are launched by stomping on bottles
    Rocket Science!

    Get outside and try some rocket science.  [...]

  • balloon stretched over the top of a flask
    Discover atmospheric pressure with Becky

    SEE educator Becky shows how you can [...]

  • An introduction to Static

    Get an introduction to static with Becky [...]

  • Intern at Gravity Well exhibit
    Experimenting with Pi

    Check out this demonstration all about circles with SEE [...]

  • photo of bubbles rising in tube of exhibit at see
    Listening to Bubbles

    Check out this video demonstration with Adele [...]

  • Bubble Demonstration!

    Check out this bubble demonstration with Glenna and [...]

  • Chemical Reaction with Becky

    Check out these chemical reactions. [...]