Storytime Science

Storytime Science

For Toddlers Tuesdays at SEE
One hour program followed by free explore time
For ages 2-5 and their caregiver(s) 
Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30

Toddlers are encouraged to think about the world around them using a story and an activity. We will introduce STEM topics through storytelling, movement, experiments and discovery.

Pre-registration is required.  The program is limited to 8 family units each week.


$5 per person ages 3 to adult ($2 Program + $3 for one hour of exhibit time)

$2 per child under age 3 (Admission to exhibit hall is free)

$2 per person for Member Families (Admission to SEE is always free for members)

Bundle and Save:  Purchase a full month of attendance and save 25% off the total cost.

Storytime Science is designed to help foster a love of science in children and their caregivers.  We show families that anyone can do science no matter your age or ability. These in-person cross-generational programs encourage families to become active participants in the learning of their youngest members.  Families work collaboratively to develop precursor science skills through stories, movement, and observation.  These classes provide science growth to toddlers and provide stepping stones for continuing science learning in the home.


“Calvin looks forward to Storytime Science every week! He loves telling Dad and big sister all about what he read and learned and frequently recreates the activities at home.  His older sister had been in the door two seconds before Calvin whipped out his spare materials wanting to “teach you my science!” He also retold the story. I’m surprised how much he remembered.  It’s amazing and explore time afterwards is just another bonus! 😄 “

– Halyey Whittum (parent)