Sun & Atmosphere

The theme for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day was climate action.  We have two activities  in this lesson to help us better understand the greenhouse effect.  Please share the actions you take to help our planet with us on social media.

Materials to make a prism
Cardboard (18 to 24 inches if available)
1 piece white paper
a drinking glass
pencil to poke a hole

Materials to make atmospheric molecule models
spaghetti (or toothpicks)
mini-marshmallows ( or play dough, clay or gumdrops)
recycled plastic (adult assistance to cut)
tape, scissors, a ruler, a toothpick

These activities are adapted from
an organization the SEE science center is working with to bring activities to
our community just as they do for hundreds of thousands of people at their events in Berkley California and
Washington DC. 

Visit the official Earth Day site for ideas and actions to make Earth day every

Investigate infrared light further with this video from NASA
Jet Propulsion laboratory