Ocean Acoustics
Tom Weber Ph.D. & Liz Weidner University of NH Ph.D. candidate Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center, Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab

Ocean Farming
Michael D. Chambers, Ph.D. Aquaculture Specialist / Research Scientist, UNHSchool of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering; NH Sea Grant

Advances & Challenges from Conception to Birth
Christine Ambrose, ND Ambrose Integrative Medicine,
Shawne Sherlock Broderick CNM Dartmouth Hitchcock
Carleigh Nesbit, DO Dartmouth Hitchcock

Science of Mental Health
Daniel Seichepine, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuropsychology UNH Manchester
Representatives from the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

The tech & implication of crypto currency
Chris Rietmann, Executive Director, Bitcoin Embassy NH
Vin Armani Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CoinText.io

Addressing Climate Change in NH
Jennifer Andrews, Sustainability Project Director. Sustainability Institute University of NH.
George W. Hamilton, Extension Field Specialist, UNH Cooperative Extension – Hillsborough County

Health & Wealth
Heather Taylor RDN, LDN Eat Well & Beyond Manchester NH
Stephen Pimpare Senior Lecturer, Public Service & Nonprofit Leadership; Director, Center for Community Engagement & Experiential Learning; Fellow, Carsey School of Public Policy UNH
Jeremy Lindquist Certified Family Business Specialist Skypeak Financial

Regenerative Medicine: Digging Deeper
Jay Hoying, ASI Life Sciences, Manchester, NH
Derek Morris, United Therapeutics, Manchester, NH