Science of Sleep
Brian Kossak, MD, FAASM Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Southern NH Health
Stacey Fassi, R.P.S.G.T. New England Sleep Center, Catholic Medical Center

Census Data: a closer look
Ken Gallager, Principal Planner, Office of Planning and Development, State of NH.
Zachary Swick, Senior GIS Analyst, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Phil Sletten, Senior Policy Analyst, New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute

Staff Only Beyond this Point: Look Behind the scenes at Museums
Shana Hawrylchak, Executive Director, SEE Science Center.
Peter Gustafson, Deputy Director SEE Science Center.
Peter Ford, Former Lead Technical Designer, Museum of Science, Boston

Location, Location, Location: Benefits of better mapping
Ken Bazydola, Product Manager SpotOn GPS Fence
Marc Nutter Conservation Program Director, NH Audubon
Peter A. Leach, M.Sc.,RPA Application Specialist: Archaeology and Forensics, GSSI

Food Analytics: Changing how we eat
Anya Kattef, Supply Chain Planning Manager at Vital Farms
Analena B. Bruce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Food Systems, UNH

Infrastructure: Building for tomorrow today
Matt Low, Hoyle Tanner & Associates Director of Engineering Operations
Jim Isaak, past chair of the IEEE committee on Communications policy
Carl Eppich, AICP Southern NH Planning Commission

Blood: Thirsting for a new understanding
Bryan Spencer Ph.D. MPH Research Scientist, Red Cross
Doug Vincent Founder & President, Ventriflo
Karalyn Malaby, MT(ASCP)CM, Technical Supervisor-Hematology, Elliot Hospital
Alice Cashin MT(ASCP)CM, Blood Bank Supervisor Quality Coordinator Elliot Hospital