Why Science on Tap?

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The SEE Science Center and science centers in general want to encourage engaging, lifelong informal science learning.

Science Cafés, with their casual atmosphere in the community and open dialog format, fit naturally  with this goal.  (And we love to head out to a bar and discuss science as much as anybody.)  So SEE decided to try out the concept several years ago while hosting a traveling exhibit called “Seasons of Change”.

We did a series of three events.  They were a success!  From that time forward we looked for the opportunity to host an ongoing series of events.

With the help of two wonderful volunteers, Chad Campbell from SilverTech and Ginger Lever from UNH Manchester, we are able to launch Science on Tap next week.

A key piece of the puzzle was to find the right room for the events.  The series will be held in the back room at the Shaskeen on Elm Street.  Their support made Science on Tap a reality.

So join us Nov. 5th at 5:30pm for our first discussion “What’s on the Menu?  Understanding the Labels Behind Sustainable Seafood.”

Learn more about the Science on Tap and check in here using Eventbrite.  And if you are interested in joining the committee or have a great topic or speaker to suggest, just send us an email.