T-Rex Road Trip!

Categories: Press Releases

By Douglas Heuser Executive Director

This past weekend we took the inflatable T-Rex out for his first public appearance at the Stonyfield 5K Earth Day Race and Fair to promote the coming robotic Dinosaurs exhibition.

On Saturday three of our staff members and 3 family members headed out with a van filled with our dino gear.  We all spent the better part of the day at the Fair promoting SEE and the coming dino exhibit. I am so grateful that we have such dedicated staff that they are willing to give up weekends to help promote SEE and convince their family members to come along too!

Sometimes it is easy to lose touch with those we actually serve. It was rejuvenating to me and eye-opening for my wife to hear so many comments like: “Oh, the SEE Science Center? We love that place!”  “We take our grandkids there all the time – it’s wonderful!”  Said to Glenna: “We were just there last week on a field trip. You did the tour, and you were awesome!”  Of course there were those who were not aware of us, but they were mainly from Massachusetts so we were able to educate them as to how close SEE is to them.

Look for us the next time our T-Rex hits the road and if you are interested in joining our dino brigade give us a call at 669-0400.  Spread the word: DINOSAURS will be in the same building as SEE from Oct. 10th 2015 to Jan. 17, 2016.  Don’t miss it!