SEE Anounces the “SEEing Strong Storms” project
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SEE Anounces the “SEEing Strong Storms” project

SEE is excited to announce the “SEEing Strong Storms” project joining science centers across the country in creating opportunities for our communities to prepare for the future.  We will share more details for how your family can participate very soon.  We invite you to keep up with this project by signing up for SEE emails and following the SEE Science Center on Social media.

Data shows that extreme storm events are happening more often than ever before.  New Hampshire has experienced many of these events in recent years.  Storms have caused street and basement flooding, power outages and sewer overflow into the Merrimack River. You can learn more about this issues affecting communities including ours in this #EyeOnEarth newstory from CBS This Morning

SEE’s project will engage the Merrimack Valley comuinity in considering these issues and by gathering data to inform scientists and planners. Dr. Alix Contosta a research Assistant Professor for the Earth Systems Research Center, at the University of New Hampshire says “I heavily rely on citizen science observation,” and “Extreme storm events are definitely relevant to my research”,  “I am glad to hear the SEE Science Center and community will be collecting data to support researchers ” added Contosta

 The SEE Science Center’s efforts are supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) funded “Citizen Science, Civics and Resilient Communities” (CSCRC) project.