New Exhibits to try in the New Year

Categories: Press Releases

By Glenna Lydick, Programs Facilitator

As we welcome 2014 here at SEE, we also welcome some great new exhibits. We have three new exhibits that provide lots of hands-on science fun!


Do you like science? Do you like to cook? With the help of Chef Nicole we have a wonderful new interactive exhibit that puts both science and cooking together. You can learn about coagulation, which foods are best for your body and even which foods will never spoil!


 Imagination Playground is another of our new exhibits. Play is fundamental to imagination and creativity and is the primary means to which young children develop. In this exhibit, children are encouraged to build with the blue blocks using their own creativity and maybe even some math and logic skills.


Everyone is familiar with the words “green energy”. Here at SEE we are very familiar with them as we just opened up our new Hybrid House. You can check out this interactive exhibit and learn which light bulb is more efficient or how to collect and re-use rain water. Do you know what your carbon footprint is? Come check out our carbon footprint scale and learn what impact certain things we use have on an everyday basis.