Press Releases

LEGO® Millyard Project Homecoming

by Adele Maurier, SEE Design Coordinator

It felt like homecoming last weekend. Many of the talented builders who helped plan and build our LEGO® Millyard Project returned to the area for BrickFair NE. There was much reminiscing about the challenges and opportunities that arose during the Millyard construction. Other LEGO® enthusiasts from around the region were amazed by the scale and effort that went into the project. It was a treat to see what new projects our Millyard volunteers have undertaken. New England LEGO® Users Group (NELUG) members displayed cityscapes, mosaics, crazy contraptions and more

In particular, it was fun to see what Millyard volunteer, Jamie Berard is up to. If you don’t know his story, it is legendary in the LEGO® community: he started out like every LEGO® enthusiast, but then he was recruited to join the LEGO® Company! He designs sets (including some of the most spectacular expert sets) at the company’s headquarters in Denmark. He made this transition during the construction of our Millyard, but still wanting to contribute to our project, he designed and built a model of the old wooden roller coaster at Manchester’s Pine Island Park, in Denmark. It was flown here from Denmark with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Owner/President of the LEGO® Company for the dedication ceremony for the LEGO® Millyard Project. The dedication was an historic event for our center and the LEGO® Company and the LEGO® community.

This past weekend, Jamie shared the development process that went into his latest kit: The LEGO® Creator Fairground Mixer VIP kit. It was very interesting to learn about the iterations and time that goes into the process. You can check out some videos featuring Jamie on YouTube. Like this one about the Sydney Opera House set.