SEE has several program options that we can bring to your school.  For each of them a SEE educator will come to your location to  guide your students through a hands-on activity.  All materials will be provided.  Outreach program locations are restricted to a 30 mile radius of SEE Science Center.  Program costs vary depending on which outreach program you choose.


SEE  has several programs  that they can bring into classrooms virtually.  Options include hands-on activities, with materials sent for students to use, or demonstrations with no materials required.  There are no geographic restrictions for virtual programs.  Shipping costs for materials  will be added to the cost of the program if applicable.

Once you have booked,you will need to send the SEE education team the invite link for your school’s preferred teleconferencing platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc.).  If the program uses materials you will need to distribute the kits to each student, then admit our educator to the platform at the scheduled time. SEE will take care of the rest.

Each Virtual kit Program can stand alone as its own learning experience. There is no prep work to do for or with your students. Our educators are trained to assess the students prior knowledge on the topic.