Sharing our Cities with Pollinators
Willa Coroka, Project Implementation Specialist NH Audubon
Stacey Scaccia, UNH Extension Master Gardener

Science in the Shadow Eclipse 2024
Emily Roy, Art and Design, Psychology double major, 2024 Plymouth State University
Genevieve Picciano, Applied Meteorology M.S. student, 2024 Plymouth State University
Griffin Spinney, Climate Studies major, 2024, Plymouth State University

Dam it! A look at flooding in NH
Meghan M. Geoffrion, Emergency Management Coordinator, Manchester Fire Department
Jennifer Gilbert, Resilience Project Manager at the NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

AI in NH Here and Now
Carina Clingman, Founder and CEO Recruitomics Consulting
Phil Magnuszewski​, Chief Innovation Officer, Infused Innovations
Jim Isaak, IEEE NH Section chair, Chair IEEE Committee on Communications policy, Society for Social Implications of Technology

Engineering for Equitable Health Care
Flo Nicholas, Co-Founder/COO DEI Directive
Lucas Merrow, CEO Mobius Mobility
Anna J. Thomas, MPH, Public Health Director, City of Manchester Health Department
Drew Blais, DEKA Reasarch & Development

Vampires, Zombies & Mummies of the Insect World
Jace Porter, Owner of the New England Mobile Insectarium
Amber Vinchesi-Vahl, Phd. Associate State Specialist in Entomology and Integrated Pest Management at the University of New Hampshire.