Escher: The Science Angle is SEE’s newest exhibit

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By Adele Maurier Design Coordinator

I have really enjoyed working on the M.C. Escher exhibit these last few months.  The intersection of the worlds of art and science is where I like to be.  When it was time for me to apply for college, I did not know whether I wanted to study art or science.  I ended up choosing a science major but also took art classes as electives.  Then as graduation neared, I spent a lot of time in the career development office trying to figure out what to do next.  There I got the inkling that the museum field might be a direction I’d like to head in.  So they got me a volunteer opportunity to try it out at the SEE Science Center.  And the rest is history.  I am still at SEE and am so happy to be able to use creativity to help others learn about science.

The more I learned about Escher, the more amazed I became.  He never considered himself a scientist, but he had a definite aptitude for scientific research.  His experiments in tessellations were meticulous and led him to be invited to speak at science conferences.  He learned from scientists and scientists learned from him.

The main theme of SEE’s exhibit Escher: The Science Angle is to show how scientists and artists are united in their curiosity about the world.  Both groups are alike in that they use observation, experimentation and imagination in their work.  This interconnection is the basis of many of our community efforts to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)  (More about those in our next blog).  In the meantime, come see Escher: The Science Angle and use your SEE membership to visit M.C. Escher: Reality and Illusion, an exhibition of M.C. Escher’s original drawings and prints at the Currier Museum of Art through January 5th at the Currier member rate.P1070555 P1070556 P1130412