Earth Day Fair – Continue to Explore at SEE

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by Adele Maurier Design Coordinator

It was great getting out to the Stonyfield Earth Day Fair and 5K race this past weekend. We enjoyed the spring weather and meeting people from long-time members to newbies. It was fun to bring an example of our Family Workshop activities out to our booth. We made earth sun catchers based on satellite data images of the earth

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The images we used for the activity are examples of what you can explore on the Personal Planet exhibit at SEE. The Personal Planet can display real time global weather data, and earth science on a realistic spherical display controlled by an iPad. The device can also display images of other planets and video presentations. The personal planet is a product of iGlobe Inc. headquartered in the Lakes Region of NH. The PersonalPlanet is patent pending optical lens that mounts on an iMac that creates a highly accurate spherical display. It was nominated for NH product of the year in 2011.


SEE’s Family Workshop is a program that we offer free with admission that allows visitors to work together on a science activity. The program is held in classroom space at SEE on weekends (Saturdays 11am -12pm and Sundays 2pm -3pm)   This May join us for activities on Paper Colors and light.


May 10 & 11: Surprise Spinner
Find out what happens when your eyes try to see red blue and green colors together as they spin.

May 17& 18: Catch the Birdie
Try and capture the bird inside the cage!

May 24 & 25: Floating Flower
See what happens when paper absorbs water and expands to reveal a secret inside.