Kickoff to Summer 2022 with the Ooch Experience

Our second annual Kickoff to summer took place June 20 – 26, 2022 and featured 3 daily Spinning Science into Fun shows with professional Yo-Yo performer Brett “Ooch”, hands-on activities, and raffles.   Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees for making this week a successful start to summer fun!


Spinning Science into Fun

Is an Ooch Experience show all about toys that spin and the physics behind them.  Brett “Ooch” takes the audience on a tour of some of our favorite toys in this fun-for-the-whole-family show.   “Ooch” showcases yo-yos, spin tops, frisbees and might even spin some music, too. Be amazed by yo-yo tricks like the UFO & Wormhole, Dog Bite, Darth Vader and more.  Laugh and learn as “Ooch” puts a scientific spin . . . on spin!