Virtual Programs

A SEE instructor will join your group virtually live with demonstrations and discussion.  There are no geographic restrictions for these programs.   Our instructors can join your group using the video teleconferencing platform of your choice.

Check out teachers’ FAQs & Program Options below!

Teacher's F.A.Q's

How easy is this to book?

After a quick conversation where a SEE educator helps you select programs and dates, the logistics are done.  Just call 603-669-0400 between 8am and 4pm to get started.

Are there only specific times I can book?

No, the times and days are flexible.  Our virtual programs range from 15 to 30 minute scheduling blocks.  We can start programs as early as 9:00 am they can start on the hour, half hour or quarter hour.  We work with you to schedule a time that works best for you and your students. Our goal is to help make the school day a little easier, not disrupt it.

How much do virtual programs cost?

There is NO cost for this programming ​for Title 1 schools or programs that serve underserved or high-risk communities (ESL, Special Education, Remedial, etc.).  We also provide FREE programming to the entire Manchester and Nashua school districts.

Regular cost for Virtual programs is $6 per student with a 15 student minimum and 50 student maximum.

Can I book more than 1 program?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of programs that we can offer to each school or class.  Most of the teachers who have booked our programs have scheduled multiple dates, times and topics.  We are happy to book whatever fits well with your schedule.

After I book what else do I have to do?

Once you have booked, just send us the invite link for your school’s preferred platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc.) and admit our educator to the platform at the scheduled time. SEE will take care of the rest.

Each Virtual Program can stand alone as its own learning experience. There is no prep work to do for or with your students.  Our educators are trained to assess the students prior knowledge on the topic.

Do we need provide supplies?

No, our basic virtual programs don’t require any supplies.  If you book a virtual kit program SEE will provide all of the supplies needed for a SEE educator to run the activity with your class.

Is there follow up work to do?

Nothing is required.  We will ask that both you and your students fill out a quick 3 minute online survey to help us improve our programs.  You are more than welcome to to expand on the lesson/topic that SEE presented after our visit if you choose to.

What grades can you do programming for?

SEE specializes in providing programming for grades K-8.  All curriculum is designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards.  During your scheduling phone call we will help you choose programs to fit your students.

What happens if we need to reschedule?

Just give us a call back.  We know nothing is certain especially now,  we will gladly try to find you a new date and time.

Topic Choices for Virtual Programming

Informal discussions with local scientists and experts on a particular topic

Air Cannon

An introduction to states of matter using a large air vortex cannon.  Students will observe a spinning fog ring, and discuss how to make their own air cannon.

States of Matter, Forces

For Grades K-6
20 minutes
A pile of cups is blown off a table while students watching are on a nearby screen.

Static Electricity

Introduction to electricity featuring a live Van de Graaff generator demonstration.

Electricity, Observation

For Grades 1 and up
30 minutes

Chemical Reactions

An introduction to chemical reactions.  Students learn to observe and identify the different signs of reaction with a live demonstration.

Chemical Reactions, Endothermic,Exothermic, Observation

For Grades 2-8
30 minutes


Introduction to combustion. Students will learn what 3 things are needed to achieve combustion and then observe multiple activities to demonstrate the concept.

Chemical Reactions, Observation

For Grades 2-8
30 minutes

Program availability subject to change without notice.