The Moonwalk

The Moonwalk

The Moonwalk is an iconic experience for young visitors at the SEE Science Center. Designed by SEE founder, Dean Kamen, this exhibit allows young visitors to feel the reduced gravity on the moon with the guidance of a SEE staff member. The moonwalk is available to visitors weighing seventy pounds or less for one turn per day. The moonwalk is demonstrated periodically each day.

With only one-sixth the earth’s gravity, kids are surprised at just how high they can jump.

Good to know:
There is no minimum age or size for the moonwalk, but toddlers need to want to do it on their own and be able to follow directions.
The weight limit is strictly enforced for safety. Our scale only determines if the visitor is under or over the limit; the visitor’s weight is not displayed.
This is a great place to take photos or videos during your visit. Please share them with SEE on social media.