Summer Camp Protocols

Last Updated: July 24, 2020

SEE Science Center

Summer Camp COVID Policy and Procedures

All policies and procedures in this document that refer to Staff include but are not limited to staff, contractors, and counselors associated with SEE Science Center summer camps.

Camp Staff will work to ensure that all safety controls in this document are adhered to the best of their ability to ensure that all campers and staff have a safe and fun 2020 summer camp season and that we limit the chance of the spread of COVID-19.

Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action.


· Masks must be worn by all individuals older than 8 years of age while entering 200 Bedford Street. Exceptions will be made for any individual who is physically unable to wear a mask in accordance with ADA.

· Staff must wear a SEE Science Center Identification Badge while at 200 Bedford Street.

· Staff must wear gloves when preparing material kits that will be used by campers.

· Hand washing/sanitizing will be incorporated in camp activities throughout each camp day.

· Camp groups will be limited to a size of no more than two (2) staff and no more than eight (8) campers. Groups and their supplies will be kept separate throughout the camp day.

· Campers that cannot answer no to all questions in the daily screening check, or those that fail the temperature check will not be allowed in 200 Bedford Street. Campers that become sick during the course of the camp day will be sent home. Staff will notify all caregivers in that camper group should a camper fall sick during the course of a camp day.

· Parents and caregivers will not be allowed inside the building at 200 Bedford Street. Pick-up and drop-off will take place outside of the physical building. Exceptions will be made in the cases of a sick child, or child behavioral issues. Parents will be asked to wear a mask during pick-up and drop-off.


Camper Groups

· Each week, campers will be split into three groups. These groups will be kept separate throughout the week.

· Counselors and Contractors must stay with their designated camp group, staff may switch groups at designated daily activity-swaps, but must change gloves, clean surfaces, and not reused equipment between groups.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


· All campers will be provided with a SEE Science Center reusable safety mask as part of their camp registration.

· Campers above the age of 8 will be required to wear these masks at all times while in the building. When physical distancing is being practiced campers may slide their face mask to their neck. We ask that they do not take off their face mask and set it on surfaces during the course of the day.

· If a camper forgets their face mask they will be provided with a disposable mask for the day.

· If a camper removes their face mask and places it on a surface during the day, we will provide them with a disposable mask and send their soiled mask home with them in a ziplock bag.


· All Staff will be provided with 3 SEE Science Center reusable safety masks as part of their jobsite PPE.

· These masks should be worn at all times, with the following exceptions when social distancing is being practiced. Please notes the restrictions for staff are greater than for campers, this is intentional to provide good modeling behavior for campers :

o Teaching to a large group at a distance of greater than 12 feet.

o Inside a personal office/desk space where that individual is more than 12’ from the nearest person.

o Eating while practicing social distancing.

· Staff will be issued a SEE Science Center camp identification badge. This badge will show a photograph of their non-mask face. This is to help campers and parents feel comfortable and develop rapport with Staff.

· Staff will be asked to wear disposable gloves when preparing camper supplies. Disposable nitrile gloves will be provided as part of staff jobsite PPE.


· As part of the morning check-in process campers will be led in small groups by Staff to wash their hands. This process will be repeated pre and post lunch and as part of the check-out process. Campers will be reminded to wash their hands for a period of 20 seconds.

· Hand sanitizer will be provided in every group space.


· The majority of camp equipment will be modified for individual camper use.

· Within classroom spaces seating will be modified to allow for social distancing.

· Where this is not possible, supplies will be restricted to use by a single group.

· Any equipment or surface that is to be used by more than one camp group must be sanitized before it can be used by a different camp group.

· Any materials brought by a camper from home will be kept in that camper’s storage bin. These bins will have the camper’s name and at the end of the week will be sanitized.


· Due to the COVID pandemic we will not provide camper snacks this year.

· Caregivers will be asked to pack an individual lunch for each camper which does not require refrigeration or the use of a microwave.

· Campers will be asked to bring an individual water bottle.

· Lunch times will be staggered to allow for camper handwashing:

o Summer Science 1: (11:45) handwashing (pre-lunch)

o Summer Science 2: (12:00) handwashing (pre-lunch)

o FIRST Camp: (12:15) handwashing (pre-lunch)

o Summer Science 1: (12:45) handwashing (post-lunch)

o Summer Science 2: (1:00) handwashing (post-lunch)

o FIRST Camp: (1:15) handwashing (post-lunch)

Sick Child Procedure

· Should a child become sick during the course of the day they should immediately be brought down to the sick camper waiting area (storage area behind the underwater mural).

· A non-camp SEE staff member will wait with the child while the camp counselor notifies the camper’s caregiver.

· Camp staff will sanitize any surfaces the sick camper was in contact with.

· Once the camper’s caregiver arrives they will be allowed into the building to help their child.

· Once they have left, non-camp staff will sanitize the sick camper space and all common areas.

· At the end of the day, Staff will notify all caregivers in the group of the effected camper.

· Should other caregivers in the sick campers group no longer feel comfortable sending their child to camp, SEE will provide a refund for the number of days left in that camp session.

Camper Drop Off

· We ask all caregivers and campers to wait in their cars until their designated drop times.

o Summer Science 1: (8:30)

o Summer Science 2: (8:45)

o FIRST Camp: (9:00)

· At drop-off care givers will be asked to bring their camper(s) to the registration desk by walking up the accessible ramp while staying six feet apart from other groups. Each day, care givers will be asked a series of questions about potential exposure to COVID by check-in staff.

o Has your child had a fever or felt feverish within the last 72 hours?

o Has your child been in close contact with a lab confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days?

o Is your child experiencing any new muscle aches of chills?

o Has your child experienced any new change in sense of taste or smell?

· The child will then receive a temperature check using a touchless digital thermometer, as long as the child tests under 100 degrees they may be cleared, Staff will keep a log that shows we have completed a temperature check for each camper and whether or not that test was pass or fail. Exact temperatures for campers will not be recorded.

· Once a camper has been checked-in they will be asked to stand six feet away from other campers in the lobby under the supervision of their counselor. Once the full group has arrived they will be escorted up to their camp space.

· At the designated drop-off time counselors and staff will escort campers down to the lobby area. Caregivers will be asked to wait to come out of their cars until their pick-up time. At pick-up time parents will be asked to wait in line on the accessible ramp, one at a time campers will be checked out.

o Summer Science 1: (3:30)

o Summer Science 2: (3:45)

o FIRST Camp: (3:00)