Science on Tap: Sleep
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Science on Tap: Sleep

June 7, 2022

Science of Sleep

Gain a greater understanding of something we all do every day.   Join us to explore the latest in sleep studies.  Discuss how sleep is connected to many different aspects of our health.  Discover clinical services designed  to help improve sleep.

Panelists will include:
Brian Kossak, MD, FAASM Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Southern NH Health
Stacey Fassi, R.P.S.G.T. New England Sleep Center at Catholic Medical Center

Please note this discussion will be on the first Tuesday of June instead of the second Tuesday.

Science on Tap  events are informal discussions with local scientists and experts on a particular topic. Science on Tap is a monthly adult education program offered by the SEE Science Center, sponsored by Cambridge Trust.

This Season we will be using SEE's new secure online portal to take reservations to attend Science on Tap discussions. We ask that if you are unable to attend after making your reservation to please call us at 603-669-0400 to cancel.

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