Science on Tap Now What? Science after Death
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Science on Tap Now What? Science after Death

October 11th our topic will be: Now What? Science After Death.  As we head toward late fall, Halloween and the Day of the Dead, we will be taking a look at the scientific processes that can and will take place after we take our last breath.  Join us to discuss the various options for the handling and placement human remains.  Discover the critical details involved with harvesting and preserving organ donations.  Discuss the chemical and physical processes involved in embalming, cremation and green burial options.  

Our panelists:

Michael F. Daily, MD, MS, FACS, Solid Organ Transplant, Section Chief, Dartmouth Health,
Caitlyn Hauke, Director of Strategic Planning & Development, Life Forest Cemetery, Hillsborough, NH
Sarah, B. Page, Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer Lambert funeral home
Alaina M. Oropollo, Funeral Director, Embalmer Apprentice and a Cremation Specialist Lambert funeral home

Science on Tap  events are informal discussions with local scientists and experts on a particular topic. Science on Tap is a monthly adult education program offered by the SEE Science Center, sponsored by Cambridge Trust.

Science on Tap events are free and open to the public, but advanced sign up is appreciated.    

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