LEGO® Millyard Project: Machines & Process at Amoskeag
Demonstrations and Lessons from SEE staff

LEGO® Millyard Project: Machines & Process at Amoskeag

This video is a brief overview of the types of machinery used at Amoskeag Manufacturing company to make cloth. And a closer look at the models built to illustrate the process.

To learn more about this amazing project, and support SEE at the same time, order your copy of the book all about the project. 

Did you know that the SEE Science Center is in the same building as the Manchester Historic Association’s Millyard Museum?  You can learn more about millyard history by visiting their website.

Have you ever built a model without instructions like the builders of our project did?  Why not give it a try? Below is a photo
of a weaving room filled with looms.  Can you make a model of this machine?  You can use cardboard or other materials from around your home
or LEGO® pieces if you have them – or even a combination!  Send us your photos on SEE’s facebook page.  

LEGO Millyard® Project