Slimy Science Lab

Slimy Science

Fun Laboratory experience for young students.

Students get their hands deep into science when they combine two liquid substances and create their own silly putty to take home.

Learners make estimates, measure and pour ingredients and observe and consider the structure and properties of matter.  They plan and carry out the steps necessary to experience a chemical reaction in their own hands.  (NGSS PS 1 A -B)


  • This program is available to students in grades 1 – 4
  • There is a minimum of 15 students or a $135 charge.
  • This lab is scheduled for 1 hour plus a half hour of free exploration of exhibit areas.
  • Larger groups may want to consider a combo program.
  • The program is $9 per student, with one adult free with every 3 students.
  • This program is available by appointment only.

For additional information or to schedule a group, please call (603) 669-0400

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