Help & Preserve the Earth you live on!

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You may think that it takes a lot of effort to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but it’s actually pretty easy to be green! Here at the SEE Science Center we are very conscious of how we can be more eco-friendly and wanted to share some tips on how to be more green. The smallest changes can make an immense impact!

1. Save Water, Turn Off The Faucet!

Instead of leaving the water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes, you can turn off the faucet in between rinses or washes. In the long run this will save a lot of water.

2. Turn The Lights Off & Unplug!

Walking out of a room and leaving the lights on can be a bad habit. Just by turning off the light switch you will not only save energy, but your electricity bill will be lower too! Sensor lights are also an eco-friendly alternative. Speaking of electricity, make sure to unplug those cellphone or laptop chargers when they are not in use. They consume energy too!

3. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

This may be easy to forget and it may be tedious but recycling is very important to preserve the Earth’s resources. Check your communities recycling plan, there may be more things accepted or it may be easier to recycle than just a few years ago.  It can be as simple as having two separate bins, one for regular trash and the other for recyclable materials such as plastic or aluminum. It will make the Earth smile!

4. Buy Organic or Local Produce!

Not only will this support your local farm stands, but it will help the Earth as well! Organic food is a smart alternative because not only is good for your health but also for livestock. A lot of the produce that is at the large supermarket chains contain synthetics and Genetically Modified Organisms, thus proving that buying fresh produce is a healthier and more green option.

Love the Earth we live on!

The SEE Science Center will be at the Stonyfield Organic Earth Day 5K Race!

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