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Mini Courses

MouseTrap Car Engineering mini-course

Four Week Mini-Course at SEE

Tuesdays January 24 - February 14, 2017

3:30 - 5:50 pm

For Students in grades 5 to 8

Does your child like making things and tinkering? In this mini-course, students will design, build, test, and redesign a car built of simple materials powered by a mousetrap. This mini-course will give your child the space and support to explore the engineering process and will include concepts such as force and motion, as well as skill building to collaborate with others, and to problem solve.

Mousetrap Car is being offered as part of the newly launched STEM Docent program of the UNH Cooperative Extension and will be conducted by a trained STEM Docent. The goal of STEM Docent program is to offer hands-on learning opportunities for youth to strengthen STEM foundations in order to meet the expected workforce needs in the state.

The cost is $ 120 per child ($100 for SEE members)
The course is limited to 20 participants.

Download a registration form here. Or call SEE at 603-669-0400 to register. 

Edventure Game design camp

February Vacation: Feb. 27 - March 3, 2017

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

For Students in grades 6 to 8

Does your child like playing digital games and going on scavenger hunts? In this camp they will make and play both! Campers will join game designer, Kellian Pletcher of Green Door labs to explore SEE with the eye of an interactive designer and then work in groups to prototype, design, build, and release a location-based mobile adventure game.

This camp will emphasize the design/engineering process, teamwork, how to use and give feedback, and problem solving just as you would in an actual game design and production team. Green Door Labs is a Boston-based game design company, campers will use their Edventure Builder online tool. Kellian from Green Door Labs and SEE Staff members will be conducting the activities. All devices and materials will be provided for campers to use on site. Snacks and lunch breaks will be scheduled but food will not be provided.

This camp is sponsored by BEI
Making it possible to offer this camp for $100 per child
The course is limited to 20 participants.

Download a registration form here. Or call SEE at 603-669-0400 to register.

mini-course participants

Mini-Courses and workshops are classes with one or more sessions which allow students an opportunity to learn about one particular topic in more depth. Mini-courses and workshops always include hands-on activities. Mini-Courses are especially popular with home-school students. Please sign up for email newsletters on our home page to get advance notice of future programs.

Past topics include:
Introduction to Physics
Introduction to Chemistry
Forensic Science
Slimy Science
LEGO® Gravity Racers
LEGO® Zip Line
LEGO® Simple and motorized machines
LEGO® Bridges
LEGO® Stop Motion Animation
LEGO® Towers
LEGO® Bricktionary
LEGO® Simple Machines to Remote Control
Pump it up: Cardiology for Kids
Brain Storm: Discover the mysteries of the Human Brain