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We can bring a little bit of SEE to you!

SEE Science Center's traveling demonstration program is called the SEEmobile. This lively program explores basic scientific principles using interactive demonstrations. The presentations are intended to kindle interest in scientific pursuits.

The program, usually lasts one hour and covers such topics as: Combustion, Chemical Reactions, Observations, Polymers, Problem Solving, Optical Illusions, and Recycling… some which go off with a bang! SEEmobile presentations are suitable for any age group from grade 1 to adult. Each program is tailored to the audience to whom it will be presented. Specific topics may be requested in advance.

Best for groups of 100 or less. Cost for each one-hour presentation is $250. There is no mileage charge if you are located within 25 miles of Manchester, NH. For those beyond 25 miles, a 50¢ a mile round-trip charge will be added.

To make your reservation or for more information about the SEEmobile, call SEE at (603) 669-0400.

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