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Our overnight program allows visitors to experience the SEE Science Center in a new light, or is it no light? Both actually! This group experience is sure to be a memorable one. It includes exhibit demonstrations, exploration time and activities plus a "night at the museum".


Overnights are designed to serve a minimum of 25 people and a maximum of 100 people. Although we try to fulfill the needs of each individual group, we offer the two following programs:

BASIC........................$30 per person

  • Orientation and tour of SEE Center.
  • Two, one hour interactive science related programs.
  • Video Presentations
  • Friday 5pm Arrival + Saturday 11am Departure
  • Dinner, Evening Snack and Breakfast
BUDGET.....................$25 per person
  • The BASIC program WITHOUT the food.
Everyone sleeps on the floor, so campers must bring appropriate sleeping materials. And all groups are responsible for their own clean up.

Call SEE at (603) 669-0400 for more details.

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